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Love endures in ways you never imagined when you were still young
from The House Was Quiet, But the Mind Was Anxious.

Writing across genres in what I find most pressing at the time, my books move from poetry to prose and back again. As an educator and writing instructor, I am always interested in sharing what I have learned and remain open to learning something new every day. Under the Genre heading above, you will find my books in fiction, poetry, memoir, and nonfiction texts. Click on a book image to be taken to a site for purchasing. 

Please feel free to contact me at for more information about my books, about speaking engagements, writing workshops, or editing instruction, as well as formal book reviews. 

And then an arm, long and sinewy, rose--hand and fingers extended toward the sun before submerging as diving bird again, surfacing once more with greater desperation expressed in unnatural curl of joints suddenly locking straight out in terror, skin brown and leathery from exposure to weather and salt water.                 

                                      from Socrates is Dead Again 

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I also edit anthologies and other authors' books, as shown here. 

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