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The Misdirection of Education Policy 
           (Made intriguing and exposing                         the politics behind the decisions)

Writer and educator Dafoe’s latest book on education poses critically important questions about the wisdom of American public education policy and reform initiatives. This is a policy book aimed at the general public as well as educators, administrators, and policy makers. In a compelling argument, the author sets out the particulars of three policy strands—creation of STEM curricula/schools, expansion of charter schools/privatizing, and teacher accountability/testing tied to job security. The Misdirection of Education Policy exposes complications, contradictions, and deliberate deceptions in these supposed solutions to very real issues in education.

Dafoe theorizes that obstacles facing American education are far more complicated than policy makers suggest or consider. It is an important read for every educator and parents with children in school.

A two-sided entry system for teachers and students learning to incorporate new techniques and literary devices.
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