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        Nancy Dafoe Books (nancydafoebooks) features my books in poetry, fiction, education, and memoir,

        as well as my author's blog and reviews of other authors' works. Click on any book imagfor                   ordering information. 


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Cover of award-winning memoir
Socrates front cover light - Copy.jpg
cover of poetry book about greif
cover of murder mystery that takes place in Florence, Italy
poetry chapbook cover
Cover of 2nd in series of Vena Goodwin murder mysteries
Novella about immigration
Full-length poetry book cover
Cover of policy book on education
First in series of Vena Goodwin murder mysteries
Cover of memoir about Alzheimer's


I found An Iceberg in Paradise particularly touching on many levels. As we baby boomers age and our parents are living longer in general, we all need information and to hear others’ stories of their experiences with this, as it could well affect many of us on a very personal level. — Mark Marshall, LCSW


Dafoe, a poet, novelist, and nonfiction writer, has created a lyrical, non-linear lamentation that explores living with and without her so. Ultimately, both the reader and Dafoe mourn for the man her son was, as well as the man he was in the process of becoming.

 — Rachel Dickinson, author of The Loneliest Places

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